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I Merengue and sway, cheery

       by dint of a brand-new day

Wondrous wonders

             burgeoning in full array


And I Boogie-woogie to fervor

        of a brilliant, warming sun

Plus, soothing sounds of

          a briskly, tinted, river run


I Foxtrot owing to jungled

                 terrain, the lions roar

Tuneful feathered friends

                beyond earthen floor


I Zydeco with Daylily, Dahlia

   and Daisy coming in to flower

Bountiful blossoms,

      affable aroma hour by hour


Woody types spur the Rumba,

         clad in flowery, barky suits

Ever bequeathing for feasting,

                  sating nuts and fruits


Tap dancing springs from

             engaging, elongated life

Hope, faith, love,

           scaling struggle and strife


Pasodoble eases a day despite

          avarice, prejudice, penury

For in time, offenses flee

  hail to Deity beyond humanity


Roving, my Waltz, midst

     massive, marvelous creation

Enhances from prance

                     to buoyant oblation


Thus I Samba, facing each day

           brimming joy and aplomb

Since no darkness escapes

    God’s mighty, illumining Son


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