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From sheer innocence to majestic seventy, infancy to maturity, wisdom her pursuer;

now exhibiting elegance, gracious beauty; she exudes loveliness, a step or two older.  

With gardenesque beginnings in Eden man needed a mate, a shield to aloneness;

God shaped man’s rib, absent his pleading, into woman, line to Linda, Ascio goddess.  

Forty-four married years, a joy to behold, sweetie of Meynardo, cavorting as Peddy;

queen of Ascios, their progeny fivefold, a mother steady, culinary flair ever ready.  

Blessed offspring, with “M” they all begin, an attractive, grand mix of guys and girls;

Meynardo, Melvin, Merian, Melissa, Meylin; daddy’s and mama’s bouquet to the world.  

With bravura, gifts of Lady Linda bespeak praises for being devoted spouse and mom;

and for serene sleep, Peddy counts no sheep, just multitudes of his lady’s charms.   


Madam Robieson is her name

A lady with much grace to enflame  


With refinement that ever runs true

She's never lacking in charm to imbue  


She joined with the Creator in her heyday

To present to our world Susan and Kay  


As grandmother, stouthearted and proud

With Damian and Jerome she's richly endowed  


Modeling, radio, decorator, too

There's very little she can't do  


Far-reaching, her attainments are a bevy Including community development and Project Heavy  


A forthright counselor for anyone daring to ask

She is wise and eager for the task  


As professor her legacies are spread about

By former students who are living them out  


With unmatched artistry she was born

Any place or domain she knows how to adorn  


Less than consummate etiquette she disdains

With a wellspring of elegance she entertains  


Relationship with her is a Godsend

Her joy is praising a relative or a friend  


Visits with her are all happiness and laughter

Spirits are uplifted days thereafter 

For her you can always make it a brighter day

Just keep her off of the darn freeway  


We are better in summer, autumn, winter, or spring

As long as Madam Robieson is doing her thing 


Via a virtuous womb she came Given a holy heroine’s name  

Super sweet, sociable Barbara

“Zooki” in our fond vernacular  

At fifty, still our lady debonair Cavorting with her cordial flair 

Fresh of face, jewel of earth

Grace, a semi century worth  

Durable dosages of Scotlan

Dotted with Delta and Trojan  

A beacon of Oakview Drive

Her radiance, a magnetic tide  

Rich vitality forever surrounds Selfless refulgence abounds  

A praline of loving discipline

Gift from George and Christine  

They with Pricilla and Johnnie

Vent with mystical voicing  
Joining Robert, Laura, Joyce

And Cathey, in huge rejoicing  

Lo, a luminary of Wells Fargo

Yet more to bestow in escrow  

Do vie dear Zooki to be thrifty Delighting us for another fifty  

Nonstop goodwill to harbor

Our dearest, darling Barbara 

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