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Something I have never done

And would like to do

To be a songster of joy

Dancing to lyrics never blue


To be Hoagy Carmichael for a day

To sing his song that goes this way


Ole buttermilk sky, I’m keeping my

Eye peeled on you

Ole buttermilk sky, can’t you see

My little donkey and me, we are

Happy as a Christmas tree headed

For the one I love


To be Louie, Billie, or Willie

All who sang this ditty


Grab your coat and get your hat

Leave your worries on the doorstep

Life can be so sweet

On the sunny side of the street


Can't you hear the pitter-pat

And that happy tune is your step

Life can be complete

On the sunny side of the street


To be crooner Eckstein

To make his lyrics and phrasing mine


Everything I have is yours; you're part of me

Everything I have is yours, my destiny

I would gladly give the sun to you

If the sun were only mine

I would gladly give the earth to you

And the stars that shine


Everything that I possess, I offer you

That my dream of happiness come true

I'd be happy just to spend my life

Waiting at your beck and call

Everything I have is yours

My life, my all


I’d just like to be able to sing in tune

Jointly with dancing, making ladies swoon


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